Open Acupuncture

As seekers of health, wellness, and beyond, we do our work. Yet we meet struggles as we unfold. These struggles may be skillfully handled with a will to overcome when the right support is available. However, we are all unique each day, moment by moment, so the support must be carefully tuned for our changing needs. This is my specialty, this is my commitment, and this is my skill.

My approach to health and the practice of Oriental medicine is based on the common roots of human wisdom found in all philosophies that stem from truth. It allows for openness sufficient to see and understand the client's place, posture, and potential. As each of us is unique, my method is to work where we are, here and now. With a humble, respectful, and adaptable focus that spans past, present, and future changes, I work to integrate our disparities, unlock our possibilities, and clarify our human manifestation.

I strive to help those who help themselves... this is the essence of the medicine's philosophy.

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